Bring It On

by Zanjebar

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released October 20, 2015



all rights reserved


Zanjebar Kuwait

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Track Name: Bring It On
I've been coking up
Chocking up
Crying my tears out
To make it through the night

Acid trips
Laughing to tears now
You say its hell you're damn right

Mozzarella sticks at night
A little bit of Sunday tomorrow

And you say you want me to
You say you want me to
Bring it on

I got sick thoughts
mad thoughts
going down hill
You know I'm in for the kill

She got a dirty little
Cold heart
Colder than winter
But those brown eyes scream

Talking bout a voodoo child
And a blue berry pie for Bonno

And you say you want me to
You say you want me to
Bring it on

I found a strand of your hair lying on my bed next to me
The only remainder of the proof of your existence to me
And it just hit me, you're up and your gone against my belief
The pledge and the turn are nothing without the prestige

Was this an illusion? Was i actually spending seconds in heaven
Was i brought back down to earth on July the 11th 2015
I guess your slate was long wiped clean
But it'll take decades for me to forget that scene

How I looked at you
and you looked right back
Remember that night you said i had something that they all lacked
Now that I don't, would you still have my back?
Would you cross over the oceans to rest on my land

I've been jaded, alone in the dark and isolated
been tending to my heart that's been dragged through the mud
I keep myself faded
Reality seems worse than my dreams
Thousands of nightmares and I still force myself to go back to sleep

Now that I'm 21, I'm all grown up
In a bathroom stall I find myself throwing the fuck up
With all the drugs and chemicals in my blood
Oh please god please just make it stop

Get the fuck outta my face while I'm all coked up
Riding autopilot while I'm fucking choking up
Put it to my brain BAM
paint the walls red
No drug no love will ever replace it instead

Now it seems foolish of me to write this song
Upload it to Youube leave it somewhere til you come along
Saving these last words for one last miracle
But deep down I know I could never be more wrong

Who am I kidding? Do you see how happy she is?
In her Snap chats and Instagram how evil she is
I get flashbacks and drunk nights and sounds in my ears
I mean fuck you and fuck life I'm done over here

As long as I'm taking a second to fucking descend in
the light of your life and the love were pretending
Your beautiful eyes and your fucking demise to the story of life til the fruit is as ripe
As this butt in my hand blazes up to the sky
As an empire of love shatters into the night
I keep rolling along on this beautiful ride
I keep spitting my rhymes and ignoring my pride

I'm driving one eighty to bring it on home
Tears on my cheeks and it cuts to the bone
Ready or not you wear ready let go of it
Warning or not you still fucking let go of it
A river of tears on my shoulder in Spain, streets we freeze to the sound of the rain
You were my queen and then I was your king
Until all went to shit and it don't mean a thing

I sing fuck this life I'm done
I'm gonna bring it on home
Bring it on

You say you love me to
I know you hate me to
Bring it on